The Opioid Crisis: A Discussion with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Mark Masselli of Community Health Center

Beside Opioids, Mark Masselli Also Spoke with Governor John Hickenlooper About Legalized Marijuana, and Presidential Interest

Mark Masselli of the Community Health Center and Margaret Flinter had a conversation with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper on CHC Radio.

Key to the discussion is how to combat the opioid crisis in Colorado–and elsewhere, as Mark Masselli pointed out. John Governor’s Hickenlooper’s lead other governors to sign a compact aimed at fighting addiction recently.

Of his initiative, Hickenlooper said, “Colorado has made important strides to combat the prescription drug misuse and abuse that affects a significant percentage of Coloradans across the state”.

Mark Masselli and the Governor highlighted some solutions to fighting opioids:

  • Help to create recovery paths for those addicted.
  • Lower inappropriate prescribing of opioids to patients.
  • Look at how to change addiction and opioids.

In 2014, Colorado tried to determine new ways to help individuals in communities that are particularly hard hit by opioid drug abuse. Governor Hickenlooper launched a public awareness campaign “Take Meds Seriously” to address this problem. “We have more to do. I look forward to continuing this work with my fellow governors on a national level,” said Hickenlooper.

A critical part of this public health problem is finding a solution to get rid of opioid prescription medications. The Take-Back Program is an approach initiated by the Colorado state health department. “The governor’s support of this national compact underscores our Colorado priorities of improving the education about, treatment of and recovery from opioid addiction.”

Some other healthcare topics discussed with Mark Masselli and Governor John Hickenlooper were the recent expansion with included additional coverage under the Affordable Care Act.

This lead to further crucial access to additional healthcare in Colorado. Part of this initiate where behavioral health and primary care–both of which improve outcomes for patients. “Prescriptive and illicit opioid abuse are significant public health concerns in Colorado,” said Dr. Larry Wolk, executive director at Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment.

With Governor Kasich of Ohio, both political parties looked for improved federal level including funding for CHIP, Community Health Centers and expanded coverage.

Governor Hickenlooper with Mark Masselli also looked at lessons learned from the legalization marijuana, and the bipartisan campaign to promote better health policies. Listen to the discussion between Mark Masselli Margaret Flinter had a conversation John Hickenlooper on CHC Radio here.


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3 Replies to “The Opioid Crisis: A Discussion with Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper and Mark Masselli of Community Health Center”

  1. Finally, someone is pondering and thinking about options for the opioid crisis in the US and working towards something. Hopefull it will continue and there will be lives saved.

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