Murder, Mayhem: Mayday

Presentation to the Conversational Club May 2, 2016 Mark Masselli Murder, Mayhem: Mayday It starts with a murder as all good pulp fiction does. I’m coming home from high school it’s May 23, 1969 and out on the Kitchen table is the Middletown Press and on the front page  the headline reads– Man Killed, left … Continue reading “Murder, Mayhem: Mayday”

Interviewing Dean Ornish About Health & Diet

For our latest episode of Conversations on Health Care broadcast, Margaret Flinter and I spoke with Dean Ornish about his lifelong research in complementary health care, diet, and meditation.  We talked about is work at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute about many aspects of how we live our lives affects our health. His comments were … Continue reading “Interviewing Dean Ornish About Health & Diet”

Addressing the Opioid Addiction Crisis

There has been a lot of news articles about the opioid addiction crisis recently. The Journal of the American Medical Association Internal Medicine published a research letter, Effect of US Drug Enforcement Administration’s Rescheduling of Hydrocodone Combination Analgesic Products on Opioid Analgesic Prescribing   Talking Points Memo has provided important data and a historical context in … Continue reading “Addressing the Opioid Addiction Crisis”