Interviewing Dean Ornish About Health & Diet

For our latest episode of Conversations on Health Care broadcast, Margaret Flinter and I spoke with Dean Ornish about his lifelong research in complementary health care, diet, and meditation.  We talked about is work at the Preventive Medicine Research Institute about many aspects of how we live our lives affects our health.

His comments were very helpful as I reflect on my own choices.  I have chosen to eat a plant based diet.  At times, this has been a macrobiotic diet, a vegan diet, or others.  Friends have made other choices, so we welcome all forms of eating in our household.  The diets we chose should reflect our lifestyles and health needs.  Ideally, this should be part of our practice of mindfulness in all aspects of our lives.

At the Community Health Center, we seek to help our patients make wise choices about their lives.  We have registered dietician helping patients eat more wisely and behavioral health clinicians helping patients use mindfulness to address a host of health issues.

Dr. Ornish’s work helps us further our pursuit of integrated health care, by providing a helpful framework we can use to incorporate a holistic approach to heath. I hope you’ll listen to the interview and think about how you can expand the ways you approach your health and the health of people you interact with.

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