Why did the Chicken cross the road……. Opioids!

Purdue Pharma cut its large workforce of sales representatives. The drug maker informed doctors recently that its sales representatives will not visit physician offices to discuss its opioid products.

Somebody said to me that they did this because they had gotten almost every American addicted to its ubiquitous OxyContin, so there was little need for those pesky and expensive sales representatives plying their way into Doctors’ offices with meals, payments, and large gifts for doctors and donuts and pizza for the staff.

This practice led to the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

At Community Health Center we banned visits from drug representatives a generation ago. Instead, our providers can get the best and up-to-date online information on the efficacy of drugs through ethical sources.

Also, pharmacists are incredible resources, and many high performing health practices like ourselves have cut the connection from the pharma companies completely.

We don’t want to cast a cloud over every pharmaceutical company since many are doing great and important work but we need as a society to draw the line on rogue medical practices.  

So why did Purdue Pharma representative not cross the road to visit the doctors’ offices – Mission Accomplished everyone was addicted.

To better understand the context of Purdue Pharma’s marketing of opioids, read The Family That Built an Empire of Pain.

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